TRIUMF Summer Institute 2011
August 8 - 19, 2011
BC  Canada
Muon Spin Rotation and Beta-Detected NMR
The 23rd annual TRIUMF Summer Institute (TSI) will be held August 8-19, 2011. This year's TSI will give graduate students and young researchers an extensive introduction to the techniques of muon spin rotation (µSR) and beta-detected NMR (βNMR) to study problems in condensed matter physics, chemistry and materials science. Topics will include the fundamental basis of the techniques, basic theoretical models, various types of measurements, spectrometer operation and design criteria, data analysis methods and applications in magnetism, superconductors, semiconductors, chemical kinetics, free radicals and soft matter.

The TRIUMF Summer Institute is designed to be very interactive with ample time for questions and discussions. Part of the afternoons is reserved for hands-on experience with facility spectrometers, beam lines and data analysis, to learn how to perform µSR and βNMR experiments, and to see some real examples related to the lecture material.

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please note the dates have changed

In some cases university credit is possible

Participation is normally limited to 35 students.

Application deadline is 23:59 Friday, May 6, 2011.